About Us

We aim to foster positive social and environmental impact through the arts, guided by the values and narratives that are rooted in heritage art forms. 

We do this by working on integrated art and community projects, guided by three principles.


(Kenyah/ Kelabit language)

We do things together. Deriving the values of communal living and resourcefulness from longhouse life, we believe in the power of collaboration and collective impact.


(Iban language)

Inspired by the Iban philosophy of bejalai, we believe that every act should be a journey towards something bigger than ourselves.


(Penan language)

We always seek to learn, discover and grow in all aspects.

All of our services provided are in the interest of positive social and environmental impact. See Projects and Partners for more information.

Our Team

Alena Murang


Growing up in Borneo, Alena was surrounded by the rainforests, rivers and seas, and the cultures of many different indigenous groups of the island. With a background in strategy and management, and as a visual artist and musician, ART4 is a promise that Alena has made to use art and music as a medium for positive social and environmental impact.

ART4 Asia Team Member Joanne Ng Project Manager | social and cultural environmental impact

Joanne Ng

Project Manager

Joanne has worked in management for art projects in Europe and Asia. Before that she was on a team dedicated to transforming education through the use of technology. ART4 is where she combines her love for the arts, project management, adventure, and doing good things.

ART4 Asia Team Member Valerie Mashman indigenous collaborator | social and cultural environmental impact

Valerie Mashman


With over 3 decades experience in indigenous research, Valerie brings expertise in the fields of oral traditions, craft designs, identity, and rural contexts.

ART4 Asia Team Member Nigel Kraal Advisor

Nigel Kraal


Nigel's background in law coupled with a life of music means that his best interest lies where artists and their work are treated with respect.